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Rules & Regulation

Bishop Scott Girl’s School is a secular school. We strive to create a common space for all pupils so as to learn and live in harmony with one another, regardless of race, language or religion.
We respect diversity but the school must be a common place for all to live and learn together.  Hence, the compliance to a common code of conduct and behaviour is necessary to safeguard this harmony.

  1. Pupils are to assemble in the assembly area in quiet and orderly manner 0730 hrs.
  2. Pupils must stand at attention during the Flag-Raising Ceremony. Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.


  1. Attendance in school or any school organised activity is compulsory.  A medical certificate or an excuse letter is required for absence from school.
  2. Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without permission from the Principal, Vice Principal .
  3. All Pupils must report to school by 0730hrs and be seated in their class.  Pupils must report punctually to class and any other school event/activity.


  1. Pupils are to be polite and respectful at all times to the school staff.
  2. This includes the Principal,Vice-Principal, HODs, Teachers, General Office Staff, Security Guards, Canteen/Bookshop Operators, school attendants and any staff of external agencies employed by the school.

General Category
1. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modifications to the uniform are not allowed.
2. Pupils are to be in school uniform with proper footwear whenever they are in school, including school holidays and Saturdays.
3. The school uniform must be worn neatly and shirts should always be tucked-in appropriately at all times regardless of location.
4. Pupils are to put on the school tie for the entire day on Fridays.  School ties must be worn neatly and should reach waist level.
5. Sleeves of the school shirt or blouse should not be folded up.
6. During PE lessons, all Pupils must put on the approved school’s PE T-shirt and shorts.  They must change back into their school uniform by recess time.
7. If a T-shirt is worn underneath the school shirt, it must be the school’s approved PE t-shirt.
8. Pupils must be in their PE attire when engaged in any sporting activities within the school premises at all times.
Skirts for GIRLS
1. All skirts must be at knee-length.
Personal Appearance and Accessories

  1. No bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, friendship bands, wristbands, chains, nose studs or any form of personal accessories (including religious ornaments)  are to be worn with the school uniform.
  2. No form of make-up is allowed.
  3. Finger nails must be kept short and clean.
  4. Fancy spectacles, coloured contact lenses and tinted glasses are not allowed.

a. Only white hairbands are allowed.
b. Only one pair of plain, simple earstud earrings of the same design is allowed on each earlobe.

  1. Pupils are to behave in a manner that promotes a conducive environment for learning.
  2. Pupils are to remain in their designated seat at all times unless permission is given by the subject teacher.
  3. Pupils are to arrange their class furniture back to its original positions if there has been a change in the arrangement of furniture in the lesson before.
  4. Pupils are to ensure that the class is kept clean and neat at all times.
  5. Pupils moving from one classroom to another must move together as a class in a quiet and orderly manner.
  6. The class monitors are to ensure that the class is locked if there is no one in class.  He or she is responsible for the overall state of the cleanliness at the end of curriculum time.

1. Pupils must follow the instructions of the subject teacher.
2. Pupils must bring the assigned school textbook, workbook, exercise book or any items requested by the subject teacher.
3. Pupils must focus on the lesson and participate in all activities carried out by the teacher.
4. Pupils are not allowed to be engaged in any activity that distracts anyone from the lesson or disrupt the progress of a lesson.
6. Pupils are expected to complete assignments or homework given by fulfilling the requirements and deadline set by the teacher.

  1. Pupils must queue up to buy their own food.
  2. All used utensils must be returned to the designated collection points.
  3. Pupils are to ensure that their tables are cleaned and cleared of any food items before they leave.
  4. Food and drinks must only be consumed in the canteen area.
  5. Pupils are not allowed to proceed beyond the 1st Floor of the classroom blocks during recess.
  6. Pupils must return to class by the time the bell rings to signal the start of the next period. Students must use the nearest staircase from the 1st floor to proceed to their respective classrooms.
  7. The canteen is out of bounds to all students during class time unless permission has been obtained by the teacher.

1. Pupils are advised not to bring any valuables to the school.  If pupils choose to bring the items, they are to be solely responsible for the safekeeping of the items.
2.    The use of electronic devices like Walkman, Discman, MP3 player, hand phones  or other objects of distraction are not allowed to be used during curriculum time including all supplementary classes and CCAs.

  1. Every Pupil has the responsibility to ensure that the school is kept clean and tidy.  All Pupils are expected to help maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the classroom and in the school at all times.

2. Pupils must not litter the school grounds. Litter such as writing paper or tissue paper, should be properly disposed at the dustbins provided.
3. Pupils must keep the toilets clean and dry.
4. Pupils are not allowed to remove furniture, equipment and other items from any part of the school premises without the permission of the teacher-in charge.
5. Pupils must not damage or deface any school property.
6. All pupils shall be properly attired (in full PE attire) when playing sports/games.
7. Playing of games/sports in the Parade Square during recess time is not allowed.
1. Pupils are expected to behave in a manner that promotes a good image of BSG School.
2. All rules pertaining to grooming, attire and the expected code of behaviour stated in the school rules are applicable in public places.


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